Large (Wall Mountable) Peal Boards

These are larger peal boards that can be fixed to the wall in order to celebrate the success of your Tower or Band.

They are 400mm x 300mm (approx A3) in size and are made of Birch Plywood, the finish is unsealed.

You can select options for Fonts and Graphics and also have 6mm holes in the corners for fixing

For custom logos or graphics, please email these to indicating which position you wish them to be placed and we will send you a proof for checking.

Large (Wall Mountable) Peal Boards

Add the bellboard peal number and I will take the details from there, no need to fill in the rest of the information unless you wish to
Tower where peal was rung
Enter the Date of the Peal or Quarter
Enter the Method Name or Heading
If multiple methods add these here
Enter the name of the Conductor, (C) will be added to this name
Enter the time, e.g. 46m or 2h 50m leave blank if not required
List the ringers in Bell Order, e.g. 1. John Smith 2.Janet H Williams 3. Martha Jones 4. Harry Jones etc.
Enter any footnote you want to add
Add any other notes or information for this item, we may contact you to confirm.
Peal boards can be Lamdscape or Portrait orientation, select which you woudl prefer
Rounded corners on the board are an option, but are not recommended if you are going to have the board framed.