Graphics can be added to the majority of the products we produce

Custom Graphics

When you add a graphic to the engraving process, it is a single colour, we are looking into options for allowing colour but at present this is not possible.

When we receive a graphic, it is converted to a mono image and then a custom trace is made of the graphic which can then be engraved.

We have been able to engrave some greyscale images, however these are very difficult and time consuming to get to a sufficient quality and additional charges are applicable for this process.

When you send us your graphic, it can be colour or monochrome, ideally we need as high a resolution as we can get, the perfect solution is a Vector graphic as these will scale to all sizes without degredation of the quality.

In all cases you will receive a proof of the item to be produced which will give a good indication of the graphic, we can create a physical proof for you this is an additional charge for orders under £200.00

Filetypes we can accept are:

Vector Graphics: SVG, AI, EPS  –  These are preferred


Standard Graphics

We have a growing number of graphics that you can choose for your Peal Board or other product.

Line Art Graphics

These are highly popular and give a more distinct effect than a filled graphic and there is little texture when Line Art is used.

Filled Graphics

The use of filled graphics (so a solid black) will give a fully engraced effect, the depth will be dependant on the base used, 3mm wood will engrave to a maximum depth of approx 1.5mm before you can get the potential of a hole all the way through which will then appear as a cutout (see below)


In a custom design, you can have cutouts where the base product will be completely removed so you have a “hole” in the requested shape. A good example of this would be a bell wheel where the spokes are left but the holes removed, this gives a delicate effect with the outer wheel ring engraved with a line.

Cutouts can be used to make intricate designs


If you have a specific custom  or bespoke requirement then contact me to discuss the options available.