Black Engraved Mini Peal Board

This is a 190mmx135mm engraved mini peal board with your chosen performance.

These are the basis for my paint-filled, engraved boards, but we have had several requests for the engraved version without the Custom Paint filling so that they can be left “bare” or the purchaser can paint-fill the board themselves.

About Paint Filling:

Please be aware that should you wish to paint fill, then you will need to pre-seal the board to stop any ingress of the paint with lacquer or shellac ( we give 2 coats as a minimum) , and you need to use a thick paint, thick acrylic works well.

Make sure that you use high-contrast colours, darker colours such as blues do not show well.

These are some quick samples that I did to show you, these are all filled and sanded twice, and before final finishing.

If you are unsure then contact me and I will try and assist, however of course I cannot accept liability for any issues you may have when filling.

Black Engraved Mini Peal Board

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