100×100 Square Cork Backing for Coasters

All Coasters come with 4 felt pads which you can apply to the back if required, you can also upgrade to a full cork backing for the coaster, simply select the number of cork backing pads that you require, these will be applied before I send the coasters out to you.

If you have ordered a set of coasters, then you will need to order 6 of these to have a backing for each.

If you are going to apply a finish to the coaster and do not want the cork backing to be fitted to the coaster, uncheck the box named “attach” when ordering the cork backings, these will then simply be sent with your coasters.

The cork backing is self-adhesive and sticks extremely firmly!

100×100 Square Cork Backing for Coasters

By default the cork backing will be attached to the coasters UNLESS you uncheck this box